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Keeping fruit cool and keeping it moving.

Count on us for your Fruit Shipments 

Today’s consumers expect a constant supply of fresh, tasty and visually appealing fruit. Bringing these delicate perishable goods from farm to final destination in perfect condition – while preserving taste, freshness, texture and aroma – requires speed, flexibility and temperature control technology. 

  • Pre-trip inspection

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

What do you Need to Ship?

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Temperature Control & Dehumidification - Reefer Technology

Whether you’re shipping apples or avocados, our world-leading reefer fleet is equipped with the technology you need to keep your fruit in perfect condition. We use the Cold Treatment process as a chemical-free way to disinfect your fruit and protect it from pests.

Our containers also feature Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technologies to extend shelf life, including StarCool® CA, XtendFRESH®, Liventus®, Maxtend® and Purfresh®. Humidity sensors and controls prevent mould or dehydration, while vent settings ensure fresh air circulation.

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Door-to-door Solutions

MSC’s expert teams are specially trained to deliver flexible and cost-effective door-to-door transport solutions across our worldwide sea and inland network. Using our modern, efficient fleet, our fast and reliable connections help to bring quality food around the world, reduce food loss and improve market access for producers.

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Flexibility & Scalability

We understand that your production volumes – and logistical needs – can fluctuate depending on the season, weather conditions and other factors. We also know that different fruits have different needs. That’s why MSC specialises in creating scalable, tailor-made solutions to fit each customer’s unique supply chain, ensuring a service you can rely on all year round.


Our global network of local experts provides continuous support, from pick-up to delivery.

Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Services

With more than 50 years of experience in fruit shipping, MSC offers a complete range of logistics services, both on land and at sea.

  • Cutting-edge
    reefer technology

  • Cold Storage warehousing solutions

  • Customs clearance support

  • Documentation Support

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