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Safeguarding your cotton throughout its entire journey.

Count on us for your Cotton Shipments

Cotton is one of the most widely traded and produced agricultural and industrial crops in the world. Whether sourced from the top cotton exporting countries such as the USA, China, Pakistan, Türkiye, Brazil or any other country, cotton often travels thousands of miles to reach its destination. At MSC, we understand the sensitivity required in the care of this precious cargo throughout its journey. 

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

  • Local cotton experts

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

Did you know?

Cotton is one of the world’s top five soft commodities.

Customer Support

We take care to find the best possible transportation solution for each customer, leveraging our global sea and inland network. While your cotton is on the move, our dedicated team of local experts are available around the clock to answer questions on how to handle cotton while shipping and provide updates as needed.

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Dedicated Trade Services

Our dedicated trade services from North and South America, Asia and Europe ensure that your cotton will be transported in the best condition. Thanks to our global logistics network and inland transportation services, you can choose from a complete range of shipment options. We will handle the full process from the time the cotton leaves the plantation to its point of export.

Flexible Transport Solutions

As cotton crops depend heavily on temperature and weather conditions, production volumes can fluctuate greatly from season to season. That’s why MSC specialises in scalable logistics solutions that can be adapted according to your production volumes and transactional needs – helping to make sure that none of your crop goes to waste.

We handle the entire process from the moment your cotton leaves the field to the moment it is delivered.

Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Services

Our complete range of services makes cotton-shipping easy, with the support you need at every step for the best way to ship cotton.

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Intermodal transportation

  • Smart containers

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

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