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Bringing chocolate to the world.

Count on us for your Cocoa Shipments

The world’s obsession with chocolate means a constant demand for cocoa beans, butter, powder and other cocoa derivatives. Bringing these sought-after but sensitive goods from one side of the planet to the other requires speed, precision and local knowledge. Our expert team will make sure that you have the right equipment and support in the right place at the right time – every time.

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

  • Scalable solutions

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

Local Experts

To thrive in the booming cocoa market, local logistics expertise is essential. Thanks to our worldwide presence, MSC has expert teams across all of the world’s main cocoa-producing countries, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Cocoa Know-how

Cocoa beans need to be shipped shortly after harvest, as extended storage can result in losses due to the high relative humidity in the tropics. With more than 50 years of experience in shipping cocoa, MSC can advise you on the best shipment options for your containerised cargo.

Facilitating International Trade

Through our global network, MSC connects cocoa-producing countries to the world’s main trade centres. In line with our Company value ‘We believe in equal opportunities’, we are proud to play a role in enabling local producers and exporters to reach new markets and expand their business.

Because you Need More than Port-to-Port Services

Looking for extra storage, inland transportation or support with customs paperwork? We’ve got you covered.

  • Intermodal transportation

  • Customs clearance support

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