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Keeping the world’s favourite nut on the move.

Count on us for your Cashew Nut Shipments

As both a tasty snack and a versatile cooking ingredient, cashews are the world’s most popular nut. This global obsession means a constant demand – and a reliable and responsive supply chain, in which every party fully grasps the complexities of the cashew nut cycle.

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 

  • Specially trained experts

Global Network

Our global sea and inland network connects the main exporters in West and East Africa to importers in Asia and beyond, offering direct calls and frequent sailings.

Scalable Solutions

Depending on the region, cashew nuts usually have two peak production periods per year, each lasting four to five months. To meet the demands of this complex annual cycle, MSC provides flexible logistics support that can be scaled up, scaled down or paused as required.

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Professional Support

Every single cashew journey we organise for our customers receives the highest level of attention and expertise. Our highly experienced teams take huge pride in supporting each step of the export process, from guiding customers through country-specific procedures, to helpfully suggesting advice around container and shipment preparation.


“Over the past five decades, we’ve developed solid expertise in transporting cashews.”  

Because you Need More Than Port-to-Port Services

We provide the support your need throughout your cargo’s journey, from farm to store.

  • Dedicated cashew warehouses

  • Documentation Support

  • Inland Transport

  • Smart containers

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