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Apparel shipments that meet your time-to-market requirements.

Count on us for your Apparel Shipments

The fashion and apparel industry is evolving at a rapid pace, putting increasing pressure on factories, suppliers, distributors, retailers and warehouses. Drawing on our global presence and decades of experience in providing logistics and transport services to this industry, MSC is able to provide a one-stop shop for all your supply chain transportation needs. 

  • Garment-on-hanger (GOH) equipment and installation

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Global coverage

Did you know?

T-shirts are one of the world’s most popular clothing items, with more than two billion sold each year?

Tailored to your Supply Chain

At MSC, we understand that timely replenishment of your apparel stocks is essential to maximising sales. Thanks to our global sea and inland transportation network, we can simplify your supply chain by providing flexible end-to-end solutions that can be customised according to your needs. This ensures your cargo is in exactly the right place at the right time, keeping you and your customers happy.

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Digital Solutions

Digitalisation is vital for the retail industry. The market is changing fast and so is MSC. We are continuously investing in our digital offering, including introducing our convenient eBL solution, smart container tracking and proprietary myMSC eBusiness platform, as well as by joining the TradeLens network as a foundation carrier. Whatever your shipping needs, we have the digital solutions you need.

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Global Coverage

MSC’s extensive shipping network connects the largest exporting markets worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia, the EU and the Indian Subcontinent, to every corner of the world. Our modern, efficient fleet calls at 520 ports on 260 routes, providing competitive transit times that support your production cycles and ensure your products meet your time-to-market requirements. 


MSC’s garment-on-hanger (GOH) containers* – or ‘hangtainers’ – safely and conveniently transport garments on hangers, saving you time, labour and money when moving garments from container to shop floor. 
*Not available on Indian Subcontinent 

Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Services 

Helping connect factories, suppliers, distributors, retailers and warehouses to ease your supply chain challenges. 

  • Smart containers

  • Intermodal transportation

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

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